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Infinity Auto Spares has the simplest website where you can find the required used transmission parts for any vehicle that you own with absolute ease. When you take a look at our great inventory you are sure to return with hundred percent satisfaction. Our stock is loaded with all choice items that you’ll need to make sure your vehicle runs better. From automatic to manual transmission we have hundreds of options that you might find suitable. 

Our Stock of Used Transmissions

Our stock is replenished with all your needs as you can find out by checking our online website. The following categories are included in our used transmission stock:

  • Automatic Transmissions

    Our stock gives you the best options for used automatic transmissions. It doesn’t matter what model your car or truck is. If you are looking for an automatic transmission, we have the best ones for you.

  • Manual Transmissions

    With the advancement in the automobile industry, automatic transmissions have become the new staple. However, there are still many old as well as new models with manual transmissions. It is therefore kind of mandatory for vehicle owners to look for used transmissions when their type is manual. Hence, we have upgraded our stock with the best used manual transmissions so that our customers can have a wide range to choose from.

  • Low-mileage Transmissions

    Our transmissions are generally low-mileage as we aim to buy the best for our customers. After purchasing the used transmissions we take good care of them in order to revive them and let them free of the wear and tear from the last use.

  • CVT Transmissions

    The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) also known as “shiftless transmission”, “stepless transmission”, or “pulley transmission”, is another type of automatic transmission technology. Infinity Auto Spares offers a wide range of CVT transmissions for all automobile models.

  • Remanufactured Transmissions

    Some might have second thoughts and apprehensions when they come across the term remanufactured transmissions. However, it has already been established and a proven fact that remanufactured transmissions are as good as the new ones. Infinity Auto Spares is extremely well equipped with a fine set of mechanics who can revive the life of old transmissions and make them new again. Our used transmissions stand apart in quality and guarantee you a better service for the rest of your vehicle’s life.

2016 BMW 535i Wheel

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